Who we are?

Advanced Technology + Low Cost = Us!

Hello! The Famroute Logistics, founded by women entrepreneurs, we combine the principles of minimal cost and technology know-how.

We provide our customers with the most cost-effective and efficient solutions. Embracing the principle of minimum cost, we meet your logistics needs economically and profitably.

Experience the advantage of managing your business with high technology and low cost!

Experience and Passion

As a team, we are growing our business with our passion for the logistics world and our experience. We have worked for years to understand the challenges and opportunities in the logistics sector. The knowledge and experience we've gained during this process are employed to provide the best service to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are at the center of our business. We work intensively to understand their needs, optimize logistics processes, and reduce costs. By building long-term relationships with our customers, understanding their logistic requirements, and offering customized solutions, we aim to add value to their operations. Our customers' success is our success, which is why customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.

Environmentally Friendly Approach

Environmental sustainability is a core value in our business. Preserving natural resources and adopting eco-friendly practices form the foundation of all our logistics processes. While offering eco-friendly options to our customers, we also embrace an environmentally conscious approach within our own operations. We are committed to working diligently to reduce carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency, and support sustainable logistic solutions.

Innovation with Technology and IT

Our company recognizes the innovations that technology and IT can bring to the logistics sector. By utilizing technologies like advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation, we continuously enhance our capabilities in optimizing logistics routes, monitoring supply chains, and providing real-time data to our customers. This positions us to offer competitive advantages to our customers and stay prepared to adapt to changing industry needs.

Our Software Expertise

Our team possesses rich experience in software and IT. We develop our own customized logistics software to optimize logistics operations and streamline processes. Through collaboration between our software engineers and IT specialists, we offer tailored solutions to our customers. We constantly improve our software solutions by staying updated with industry best practices and considering customer feedback.